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We are seeking information along two axes: On one hand, we are interested to deepen our understanding of Second World War in Provence, and in particular, in Vaucluse. On the other hand, we are engaged in a new research project centered around the concentration of French and foreign Jews towards camps in Touraine

You can find more details about the first axis on the page “Jewish and Resistance fighter”.

As for the second axis, we are studying the arrests which culminated during summer 1942 and deported the Jews to the camps of Touraine. These are Jews deported from the region between the Atlantic coast and Touraine, as well as Jews captured during failed attempts to cross the demarcation from the occupied zone to the free zone, before occupation of the latter and particularly, during the round-ups of the middle of July 1942 in the entire occupied zone.

For this second axis, we have chosen to follow a number of itineraries amongst those of hundreds of families and individuals in order to illustrate the diversity of fates. During the concentration of these Jews towards Touraine, they will be swept into the eye of the storm. Some will succeed in escaping. Others will be taken to Auschwitz where very few lucky ones will survive. Families will be torn apart and will be amputated. Children, some of them alone, will be exterminated.

We are particularly interested in the fate of those who passed through Tours and the camps of Touraine. We will provide a few names amongst a list of approximately 1500 which we have so far identified. You will be able to see them on the page “Touraine”. Eventually, we will provide the entire list.


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Provence 1940-1944