Isaac Levendel


aka Isaac Lewendel, Jacques Lewendel, Haim Levendel, Ytzhak Levendel, etc.

Born June 28, 1936 in Avignon – France



1940-1944: Childhood under Vichy and German occupation in Avignon and area

June 6, 1944: My mother, Sarah Lewendel, is arrested and deported to Auschwitz

1953: High School diploma – Math and Science option, Avignon

1953-1955: Mathématiques supérieures et spéciales

1955-1957: Ecole des Mines, France

1957: Joins kibbutz Beit-Kama, Israel

1958-1960: Israeli military service in parachute corps

1960-1965: Teacher and manager of Alyat Hano’ar Group, Jewish Agency

1965-1967: Coordinate emigration of young Jewish adults  out of Morocco

June 1967: Six day war, Israel

1971: BS EE, Technion, Israel

1973: Yom Kippur war, Israel

1971-1974: Engineer Golem B computer design, Weitzmann Institute, Israel

1973: MS CS, Weitzmann Institute, Israel

1970-1974: Instructor Technion

1974-1976: Consultant, Brewer and Associates, Los Angeles

1976: PHD CE-CS, USC

1976-1997: AT&T, Lucent Bell Labs, Director

1977-1987: Ass. Prof Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago

1998-2003: Motorola, Software development and System Reliability, Director

2003-date: Consulting Software development and Mobile Ad hoc Networks

Currently: Three projects in progress, a new book about WWII, a “Letter to my grandchildren” and a book about lower-cost software development

Publications & Activities

50+ technical articles and contributions to collective professional books (Hardware and software, automation of system design, wire line and wireless telephony, development and theory, reliability and availability of networks and their components)

6 patents

1992-1996: Liaison of AT&T with Illinois Institute of Technology

1992-1997: Member of IIT industrial advisory board

1996: Un Hiver en Provence, Editions de l’Aube, France

1999-2000: Not the Germans Alone, Northwestern University Press, Evanston

2012: Hunting down the Jews, Enigma Books, NY

2013: Vichy, les Nazis et les Voyous, Le Nouveau Monde, Paris


Family (wife, 3 grownups + partners, 4 grandchildren), close friends, real chocolate, millefeuilles, baba au rhum and subtly flavored cooking, reading, dialog, writing, comedy, cartooning, various music genres


Hatreds and hot peppers


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